Pulsar Slots

Pulsar slots has a sci-fi/space theme and a game design that brings the different planets and stars to life. The design is so vivid that some of the images look like photos. As you form combinations of three or more and wait for Neutron Stars to explode, you win plenty of cash and multiple chances on one spin. Here are the basics you need to know about the game.

  • Slot Game Developer - Real Time Gaming
  • Slot Game Type - 5 reel bonus slot
  • Paylines - 20 on a 3 by 5 grid
  • Betting Options - Fixed bets ranging from 20 cents to $20

The Power of the Neutron Stars

With your spin, you may find Neutron Stars appearing on one or more spaces. New matching symbols fill the empty spaces, which adds to the potential for big payouts. These symbols have a countdown timer. When they reach 0, they explode and take out adjacent areas. There are a few explosion patterns, depending on the color of the star.

  • Green - Left and Right
  • Blue - Up and Down
  • Pink - Adjacent Sides
  • Red - Adjacent Corners

You don't get free spins or an interactive bonus round, but the exploding symbols make it easy to win extra cash. Plus, there's a second bonus feature that helps increase your payouts.

How the Cascading Wins Feature Helps With Payouts

When you have a winning combination of three or more symbols, they fall away and leave spaces for new symbols to drop onto the grid. It's possible to get an unlimited number of winning combinations from one spin. Thus, you spend less per win and gain more cash prizes at the same time. It's one of the features that gives Pulsar slot a high slot game rating. Payouts as listed on the paytable are as follows.

  • Pluto and Exploding Planet - 1, 2, or 5 coins
  • Asteroid and Earth - 2, 5, and 15 coins
  • Venus and Saturn - 5, 10, and 40 coins
  • Jupiter - 5, 15, and 80 coins
  • Sun - 10, 30, and 150 coins

Because you can get dozens of prizes from one spin, the game design allows you to see exactly how much you're winning. Until the cascading wins feature ends, the amount you've won is tallied in a box at the bottom of the grid. It's awarded when you run out of new winning combinations.

Choose How You Play

Demo play is offered if you want to play for fun. Click on the game's "Practice Play" option before you log in. When you're ready, deposit funds, if you haven't yet, and play for real money. You can play online using the instant play casino or play on your phone or tablet using mobile play for Android and iOS.

Pulsar slots has a game RTP of around 96%. You can also win up to 50,000 coins per spin. Play it today and see if you'll end up on the list of slot game winners to land this desirable maximum payout.