Diamond Mine Deluxe Slots

Sometimes, you don't want a video slot with all the frills that interrupt your game. Instead, you're craving simple gameplay, one payline, and generous payouts. Diamond Mine Deluxe slots hits all the marks. This classic slot is a favorite of slot game winners.

With demo play, it's easy to play for fun first. When you're ready, it's just as easy to click and button and play for real money. If you have a device that works with mobile play for Android/iOS phones and tablets, that offers another way to play your favorite casino games. Before getting to the review, here are the main things to know about the game.

  • Slot Game Developer - Real Time Gaming
  • Slot Game Type - 3 reel video slot
  • Game Theme - Classic
  • Paylines - 1
  • Betting Options - Coin values are 5 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents, $1, or $5. Wager up to 3 credits per spin for a max bet of $15.
  • Game RTP - Around 96%

Take a Closer Look at the Paytable and Symbols

To win money playing Diamond Mine Deluxe slots, you need to get the correct symbols on the single payline. The symbols and payouts are as follows (based on if you wager one, two, or three credits).

  • One Cherry - 2, 4, or 6x
  • Any Three Bars or Two Cherries - 5, 10, or 15x
  • Three Single Bars or Three Cherries - 10, 20, or 30x
  • Three Double Bars - 25, 50, or 75x
  • Three Triple Bars - 40, 80, or 120x
  • Three 7s - 80, 160, or 240x
  • Three 2x Wilds - 800, 1600, or 3,000x

Increase Your Payouts With the Wild

The 2x Wild can help form winning combinations. When it does, it doubles your prize. If you get two 7s and a 2x Wild, you'd win 160, 320, or 480x instead. If you get a 7 and two 2x Wilds, quadruple your winnings.

While there are no free spins or interactive bonus rounds, the 2x Wild does allow for increased prize levels. One cherry and two 2x Wilds would suddenly pay 8, 16, or 48x. On a $5 coin value, you'd win $240. It's not bad considering the small amount you're wagering per spin.

Diamond Mine Deluxe slots delights classic slot fans. While there isn't a lot to the game, the 2x Wild is why so many players give it a high slot game rating. It's easy to play and rewarding when the wilds help form winning combinations. The max bet is only $15, so you're free to wager the most for the biggest payouts.