Sevens and Stripes Slots

Sevens and Stripes slots has a classic slot game design. It's main symbols are 7s and bars. You don't find a bonus round or free spins. It's a plain, simple, easy-to-play video slot that delights slot game winners with the progressive jackpot that's often worth thousands of dollars when it's won.

Check out these key details about the game before diving into the casino game review.

  • Slot Game Developer - Real Time Gaming
  • Slot Game Type - 3 Reel slot with a progressive jackpot
  • Game Theme - Classic
  • Paylines - 1
  • Betting Options - 5 cents to $5 per coin with wagering options of one, two, or three coins for a max bet of $15
  • Game RTP - Unknown

What Are the Symbols and Paytable Prizes?

How much can you win when you play Sevens and Stripes? It all depends on whether you've wagered one, two, or three credits. Take a closer look at the payouts and symbols. They're listed in order of one, two, or three credits.

  • Any Three Bars - 4/8/12 coins
  • Single Red Bars - 10/20/30 coins
  • A Mix of Red, White, and Blue 7s (in any order) or Double White Bars - 20/40/60 coins
  • Blue Triple Bars - 40/80/120 coins
  • Blue 7s - 100/200/300 coins
  • White 7s or Three Red, White, and Blue Bars (in that order) - 200/400/600 coins
  • Red 7s - 1199/2398/5000 coins
  • Red, White, and Blue 7s (in that order) - 2400/4800/Progressive

With all of these, you have to have the three symbols on the payline. If you have set the coin value to $5, a two-credit bet with the sequential Red, White, and Blue 7s would pay $24,000, so it can be a substantial cash prize.

Be Sure You Wager All Three Credits

The only way to win the progressive jackpot is by wagering all three credits. Currently, the jackpot is around $5,000. You win the jackpot if you get red, white, and blue 7 symbols across the single payline. They have to be in that order from left to right.

Even with the highest possible coin value of $5, you won't spend more than $15 per spin. If you go down to 5 cents for your coin value, you'd only have to risk 15 cents per spin with a three-credit wager. If you wager one or two credits, the progressive jackpot is off the paytable, so you should wager all three credits.

Other Things to Keep In Mind

You may be allowed to play for fun using demo play, but Sevens and Stripes was originally designed for Adobe Flash, so you may have to install free casino software if you want fun play at first. For us, it came up with a message that we need to install Flash.

When you're ready to play for real money, make sure you've deposited funds with the cashier. If you find it in the instant play casino, access it on your mobile phone or tablet to try mobile play for Android and iOS devices. Sevens and Stripes slots offers great rewards and a pleasing game design, which is why it still gets a high slot game rating.