Mid-Life Crisis Slots

You hit middle age and want to mix things up. You're looking for lifestyle changes that a new haircut or new pair of shoes don't address. You want that expensive hot tub, or you crave new adventures like skydiving. That's the theme in Mid-Life Crisis slots. It's all about embracing a new you. Lucky slot game winners may end up with the progressive jackpot of $100,000. Imagine having that kind of cash to spend on yourself!

Before reading the slot game review, here's what you need to know about the game.

  • Slot Game Developer - Real Time Gaming
  • Slot Game Type - 5 reel bonus progressive jackpot slot
  • Game Theme - Wealth, money, riches
  • Paylines - 9
  • Betting Options - The coin value is set at 25 cents, risk up to five credits per line for a max bet of $11.25
  • Game RTP - Unknown

The Sports Car Has the Largest Payouts

The Sports Car has the highest payouts on the paytable. The amount you stand to win depends on the number of credits you wager, from one to five. Payouts for the highest paying symbols are as follows:

  • Sports Car - Up to 1,000 coins (1 credit), up to 2,000 (2 credits), up to 3,000 (3 credits), up to 4,000 (4 credits), or the progressive jackpot (5 credits)
  • Boat - Up to 480 coins, up to 960 coins, 45 to 1,440 coins, 60 to 1,920 coins, or up to 3,200 coins
  • Money Clip - Up to 320 coins, up to 640 coins, up to 960 coins, up to 1,250 coins, up to 2,000 coins
  • Motorcycle - Up to 240 coins, up to 450 coins, up to 720 coins, up to 1,500 coins

There are several other symbols on the paytable. They don't pay as much as the others, but you'll win small amounts of cash with the hot tub, little blue pills, skydiver, and gold necklace.

Pick Your Poison and the Big Money Bonus

Two bonus rounds await you in Mid-Life Crisis slots. First, you win the Mid-Life Man bonus of up to $437 when you land the bald man, his toupee, and his gold chain anywhere on the reels. The other bonus feature occurs when you get three ladies (the blonde, the brunette, and the redhead) scatters on the reels.

The ladies trigger the Pick Your Poison bonus round. This second-screen bonus round involves you picking items as you run through a shopping complex or playing Krazy Al's Miracle Youth Tonic to win an instant cash prize.

The progressive jackpot is only won if you play for real money. You're welcome to play for fun using demo play. You don't have the chance to enjoy mobile play for Android and iOS, but you can download the free casino software and play it that way. While you won't win free spins playing Mid-Life Crisis, the bonus rounds and payouts give this game a high slot game rating. Don't miss it.